Pedigree: Ylissa v Alt-Ostland Pedigree for Ylissa v Alt-Ostland
PURE DDR Linebred on Zorro v Laager Wall & Neumann's Jim

V(USA) Henry v Ödland
OFA Good, EL/PA/CA/TH normal
SZ-2095877 ZL:XI-E (blk sable)
AKC-DN03431101UKC# P498-091

SG-Nando vd Gnitzer Hohen
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-2 Lbz a normal
SZ 1826406 ZL:XI-E (sable)

V-Zorro v Laager Wall
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR-137140 ZL:XI-E (sable)

Körbericht 5543/55

V-Artus vd Westendhohe
SchH2 FH Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR 104997 ZL:XI-E (sable)
Körbericht 5543/44

SG-Lady v Laager Wall
SchH2 FH ZtP Kkl* Lbz a-zuerkannt
DDR-107209 ZL:XIII-A (sable)
Kör 5547/43

V-Dela v Zisawinkel
SchH1 FH2 Kkl* Lbz a-normal
DDR-132773 ZL:XI-A (blk-br)

Körbericht 5546/44

V-Black v Babylon
SchH2 FH2 Kkl* a-normal
DDR-111711 ZL:XI-A (blk-br)
Kör 5547/43

SG Yris v Osterberg
SchHI Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR-81086 ZL:XI-A (sable)
Kör 5443/33

V-Tinka v Ödland
SchH1 Kkl-1 Lbz a-fast normal
SZ-1991040 ZL:XII (dk sable)

SG-Filou v Kaolinsee
SchH2 Kkl-1 Lbz a normal
DDR-156330 ZL:XII (blk-br)

V-Mentor v Haus Iris
SchH3 FH1 PSH2 Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR-118772 ZL:XII (sable)
Kör 6546/44

V-Bessy v Kaolinsee
SchH2 Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR-112450 ZL:XI-B (blk-br)
ZTP 4447/22

SG-Lea v Ödland
SchH1 Kkl-2 Lbz a-noch zugelassen
SZ-1891400 ZL:V-A (blk sable)

G-Klockow's Rex
SchH2 FH Kkl-2 Lbz a-normal
DDR-169654 ZL:V-A (blk sable)
Neumann's Jim son

SG-Jola v Hunnenkessel
FH Kkl* a-normal
DDR-146328 ZL:V-A

SG-Pia v Flossgraben
SchH1 aD BH a-normal
SZ-2079835 ZL:XI-E
AKC# DN19126601, UKC# P594-296

G-Cesar v Ellernbach
SchH1 Kkl-1 a-normal
DDR 169556 ZL:XI-E (sable)

V-Pele v Kiebitzmoor
SchH3 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 131941 ZL:XI-E (sable)
Kör: 6446/44

Falko vd Buschecke
SchH1 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 114769 ZL:XI-E
ZTP 5547/33

Cindy v Kiebitzmoor
SchH2 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 106048 ZL:XI-A
Kör: 5546/44

SG-Afra v Ellernbach
PSH1 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 155262 ZL:XI-A

Karoll v Kiebitzmoor
SchH3 FH1 Kkl*(DDR)a-zuerkannt
DDR 121623 ZL:XI-A
Kör: 5446/44

Quinta v Oldtimer
FH1 Kkl* a-zuerkannt
DDR 138993 ZL:XI-B (blk-br)
ZTP 5437/22

G-Jule v Flossgraben
SchH1 Kkl-2 Lbz a-fast normal
SZ-1961580 ZL:V-A (blk-tan)

V-Duran v Weidegang
SchH3 IPO3 Kk-1 Lbz a-normal
SZ-1871877 ZL:V-A (blk-br)

SG-Condor vd Tonteichen
SchH3 IPO3 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
DDR 170304 ZL:V-A (blk-br)
Neumann's Jim son

SG-Dsheta vd Gnitzer Höhen
SchH1 Kkl* Lbz a-zuerkannt
DDR 161597 ZL:XI-E (sable)
Zorro v Laager Wall daughter

V-Fee v Templiner Eck
SchH1 PSH1 FH Kkl*(DDR)a-normal
DDR 160621 ZL:XI-A

V-Nado v Lentulo
SchH3 FH Kkl-1 a-zuerkannt
DDR 148439 ZL:XI-A (blk-br)

Kora v Trafalga
FH Kkl* (DDR) a-zuerkannt
DDR 143477 ZL:XI-A

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PURE DDR Born 05-22-2009  AKC# DN31906501
Linebred on Zorro v Laager Wall & Neumann's Jim
Pedigree free of Sven-Tino
Ylissa is a very long-awaited beautiful bicolor Henry & Pia daughter, a full sister to our Una, who earned her
UKC Championship at just 6 months old!  She's almost as evil as her sister, so her nickname is Re-Run!  
And just like her sister, at her very first UKC show outing,  at just three months of age, Ylissa was awarded
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ! This young girl is extremely handler-focused and has an enormous stride, with
extreme front reach and powerful rear thrust.  She also earned her AKC Star Puppy at only 3-months old.