SchH3 TD IPO3 Kkl-1 Lbz a-normal
Eik has had a successful show career, but his real love is working.  He is a very confident,
intense and powerful dog, rather pushy in the blind, as you can see here on his
Eik earned his IPO3 at Summit SchH club in Colorado at 7 1/2 years of age!
On Oct 7, 2007, in Springfield Missouri, Eik earned his TD in a stiff breeze. Of 6 dogs
tracking for TD, onl yEik passed, and he nailed his 460-yd track in 7 minutes.
Heartfelt thanks to Gillian M. Salling of Fernheim German Shepherds
for polishing Eik up for AKC tracking and handling him in his test.   
ON FEB 24/25 2007 AT HUTTO, TX
Eik earned his UKC Championship Title in one weekend, taking
1st place Senior Male x 4, Best male x 3 and Best of Winners x 2.  

ON Feb 3/4 2007  at the UCI Winter Sieger Show at Hutto,
Eik earned his INTERNATIONAL CH title with multiple V1 Best of Breed placings.

Here are some of the judges' comments on Eik:

Exuberant sturdy strong male, handsome dog with solid bone.
Overall impression: Very attentive, balanced and energetic.
Coat:     Glossy black, good condition and texture.
Head:     Strong masculine head, solid muzzle.
Mouth:  Correct scissor bite
Eyes:      Dark, expressive, well set.
Ears:      Large erect ears, well set and carried.
Chest:    Good depth and development.
Front:     Straight and strong, good shoulder layback, tight feet.
Rear:      Strong, nice angles, good turn of stifle.
Top:       Correct solid topline, steep in croup.
Tail:       Correct saber tail, active and well-carried.
Action:   Sturdy, covers ground efficiently.
Special thanks to Jessica Harrison for all your assistance with the show.  

On March 10-11, 2007 at the USA South Central Region Conformation Show and breed survey,
Eik (the only black dog at the show/Körung) placed SG-1 under Körmeister Wilfred Scheld, over  four other working-line
males in the Gebrauchshund Klasse.  Only black and red showline  males received V-ratings.
In the Körung, Eik was strong, fast and convincing in the protection work, and was upgraded by Herr Scheld from Kkl-2 to
a Kkl-1 (Lifetime)!  Herr Scheld's full  report will be posted upon receipt. Special thanks to Körmeister Scheld, helper
Danny Grayson, and especially to Shak Williams for helping handle Eik in the show!